Chaotic life and financial issues

Without saying too much, my life has been pretty hectic. I have tried to keep up with things, I really have, but it has been overwhelming.

I posted about some of the stuff before, but the past few weeks have been very intense. Last year I had the police take out an AVO out against my ex and the past couple of weeks I was so scared from events I was living at a friends house. I changed our routines, cancelled speech therapy and anything we didn’t absolutely have to go to. It meant I have not had a lot of internet access either.

I have been so blessed with 2 amazing friends. We met last year through preschool and talked a little, but really hit it off in December. I met the mum first but her partner and I get along so well and they have helped me so much. Our kids all get along and she has been through so much in her life she knows exactly where and how to get me help. I would be lost and not have coped without them. I owe them so much. I’ve stayed with them when needed, we look after each others kids and it is just a really unique relationship I am so grateful to have.

Certain things happened both last year and recently, that not only scared me but close friends, the police and some support groups I have been involved in were quite scared for me as well.

With everything that has happened, the AVO caused my ex to lose his job*. When I applied for it I was told it wouldn’t affect him, but it has. I felt awful for him about it. I just wanted to feel safe, not ruin everything for him. Him losing his job means he can no longer buy me out of the house. The plan was he would get a mortgage, pay me out and I’d be done with the house, so he got some tenants in. The following week, he lost his job and can’t get a mortgage, so now I am still stuck with the house.

We agreed to sell the house, but he is now not signing the paperwork. The real estate agent we agreed on has been fantastic and no matter what this house will be sold. It is a great time for us to sell with no brick homes on the market in our area, there is already a lot of interest. The renovations are completed and it has great tenants in there.

It is incredibly frustrating to not be able to move past this stage in my life. I have been looking into how I want to invest the money. It was originally agreed back in October he would buy the house, now it’s March and I am going to have to get my lawyers to force the sale.

My life right now is so far from what I imagined, not just because of everything above.

These events have made it hard to focus much on my blog, my goal to raise money for the Fistula Foundation, the auction I am planning for it, my goal to be a millionaire by 30, but at the same time these events and different things people have said to me has given me new ideas and opportunities.

Everything happens for a reason and while my life is chaotic, it is not permanent. I have control of my thoughts, my actions and as long as I have my daughters and we are safe, nothing else matters to me.

That said, I am more motivated than I have been in a long time and I am very excited about what my future holds. For the coming weeks I might not be on here a lot while I sort out my personal life, but I have some great giveaways, new money making ideas and some updates on how my challenges are going plus some interviews I can’t wait to share!

Have you ever been through chaotic phases of your life? How did you cope?

*update – when I wrote this my ex had told me it was the AVO, I have since found out from him and another source that he lost his job because he was not going. It had nothing to do with the AVO.

6 thoughts on “Chaotic life and financial issues

  1. Kylie, your safety and well-being are the most important things that you should be dealing with right now. I am sending good thoughts, please take care of yourself!

  2. Just do whatever you need to, to keep yourself and your children safe. It does not matter that your life is not going as you had planned. Life is not static. Everything changes. Try to live in the now for a while, try not to force things, IYKWIM. When your life has settled down again, re-evaluate what is important to you. I wish you all the best.

  3. To know that you and your children are safe, healthy and living life with a purpose are just some of few things on the list that money can NOT buy. I guess there are always times in our lives that things dont go the way we want them to go inspite of our finances, stable jobs, great investments etc. Kylie,stay strong, there is always a reason and a rainbow at the end of the storm….

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