Clarity breeds confidence and revenue – guest post

Happy New Year!

Last month I dropped a bombshell – that I wasn’t actively pursuing the $100,000 by end of December. Rather I was focused on growing the long term sustainability of my business.

And isn’t amazing what stepping back and finding clarity can do for you?!?!

Finding alignment and making space has enabled me to attract the types of clients I work best with so without further ado…

How was my financial progress since the last update?

Lead Gen Planner 3D Image CROPPED

Total income since last update is $4,790.

Total income throughout the challenge to date is $19,200.91.

Actions I’ve taken to get closer to my goal include:

  • Regularly seeking feedback from clients and my coach to improve my conversations with potential clients.
  • Tested Facebook Ads as a method of promoting my blog posts, planner and teleseminar.
  • Completed the autoresponder series for my client.
  • Successfully hosted my teleseminar and booked further strategy sessions as a result.
  • Launched the Business Building Lead Generation 12 Month Planner and Tracker for business owners sick of always scrambling for enough clients.

How I’m feeling about my progress:

  • Excited about my new clients and ready for lots more wonderful clients.
  • Confident this new path is right for my ideal clients and me.
  • Bold: new year, new opportunities.

Plans for next fortnight:
Here are my critical tasks:

  • Conduct Online Marketing Supercharged Strategy Sessions.
  • Plan my lead generation strategies for the next six months.
  • Follow up potential clients who have already participated in strategy sessions. 

Your Turn:
Have you allowed yourself the space to find clarity? When did you last take a step back from working in your business?

What is your goal for the next fortnight?

Caylie Price, Online Marketing Mentor

Caylie Price is the owner of Better Business Better Life . She takes the ‘tech’ and overwhelm out of online marketing.  Caylie helps energised entrepreneurs create opt in strategies that result in a steady flow of red hot leads. She is the creator of the Business Building Lead Generation 12 Month Planner And Tracker.