What to do with unwanted gifts

What do you do with unwanted gifts? Do you regift? Try to exchange them at a store or just toss them?

what to do with unwanted gifts
“What is that?”

No one is ever only going to get gifts they love. Some people just don’t like gifts that much either. Personally, I would prefer people donate money to my favourite charities if they felt the need to get me a gift. I love giving gifts, doesn’t mean I always get it right.

Firstly, and I am not the only one who thinks this, never act like the gift is awesome. You can be grateful but don’t gush over it making the giver think they found what you love. They will buy more or similar then you end up in a cycle of getting things you don’t like but you won’t feel like you can tell them.

But now you are stuck with a gift you don’t like, what do you do?
Give the gift to someone else, but only if you know they will like it. Don’t just offload your unwanted gifts to other people if they won’t use it or love it either.
Be aware of the circle of friends and people who might know the original giver. If you don’t want to be caught, be careful. Check this post for more on regifting.

Exchange or return
If you know where the gift is from they may exchange without a receipt or if you can get the receipt you can exchange or refund depending on the store policy.

Photograph it, write a good description, upload both to any number of places you can sell and use the cash for something you like. Check out this post for ideas.

Feel heartless selling it? Don’t want to regift for fear of getting found out? Can’t exchange it either? Donate it. You can choose to just donate to an op shop/thrift store or call a charity you like and see if they can put it to use.

Toss it
Horror stories abound of atrocious gifts. If the gift is not fit for anything other than the bin, don’t feel guilty throwing it away.

What do you do with unwanted gifts?

And as a side note, my daughter in the picture liked the present, once she knew what to do with it.