Achieving health and fitness – 4 tips for weight loss

Health and fitness are a big part of my life. I have worked hard to drop weight, increase my fitness and be happy with my size.

Growing up, I was the fat sister. From birth I was the longest baby in our family and weighed in at 4kgs (9pounds). My little sister weighed in at 9pounds 2ounces, but she managed to be a skinny kid, as were my other 2 sisters and brother who all weighed in a whole lot lighter at birth.

After having my own kids I got fat (to me). I was 73kgs/160pounds when I fell pregnant with my first daughter and was not happy, but didn’t view myself as really fat. After my second daughter I hit 100kgs/220pounds and did not get on the scales for some time as I did not want to know my weight. By the time my sister got married 4 months later I was sitting at around 90kgs and extremely unhappy with my body.

Kylie Ofiu post baby weight

I tried to lose weight, but was pretty depressed too. I seemed to get to 85kg then just couldn’t shift the weight. I have Poly Cycstic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which makes weight loss hard. For a while I gave up.

In September 2012 I went to FinCon12, I had been trying to lose weight before I got there. While there, a group of us decided to get fit for the next conference. You can read my initial post here and subsequent posts here. My goal when then was to get to be a toned size 10. I am now an 8 – 10. I would still like more toned, but I am happy. I am much fitter and stronger than I ever was before kids too.

Coming back from the conference I saw some of my friends doing different things to get fit such as running, crossfit and powerlifting. I always wanted to do real runs, but was not committed enough so I set a goal to do The Color Run.

Color Run - Kylie Ofiu

Photo by Jac Lambert and you know, sticking your tongue out is the thing to do!

On February 16, 2014 I finally did my first public run. I love to run and one of my goals is to do a marathon. My older sister did the run in a team from her work and my younger sister watched my kids at the park so I could do it. I missed the Sydney one last year, so it was nice to finally do it this year and in Canberra with family.

Kylie Ofiu color run back

I didn’t get completely covered, but security did give me handprints! I got colour all down my top, right into my belly button. I had oiled my hair and secured my phone in a ziploc bag to protect them. I realised after my shower and scrubbing my skin to death I should have put oil on my eyebrows too.

Part of my journey has been trying different ways of healthy eating. I dropped a portion of weight using shakes, but I discovered I prefer to make my own smoothies. I eat a variety of food, but now I eat non processed, gluten free (I am gluten intolerant), fresh produce, nuts, a lot of raw food and very little meat. It is not a diet, it is a way of eating. I have found smoothies and juices to be the best thing for me in the morning.

I love food and think it is so important we enjoy the food we eat, but it needs to be food that fuels our bodies. I used to be a big processed carbs fan. It was what I liked to eat – pasta, pizza, rice, bread etc. Finding out I was gluten intolerant and that to me the gluten free versions of my old favourites tasted like glue meant I had to try a whole new world of foods. Rice I could still eat, but I don’t much and if I do it’s wild rice.

4 tips for weight loss

I have achieved most of my health and fitness goals. It took commitment, experimenting and finding what I liked, but it has been worth it. The biggest things for me were:

1.) Find exercise you love. I love pole dancing, but my wrists don’t cope with it too well. I love running because it’s time to think, I can clear my head and it is great stress relief for me.

2.) Enjoy your food. Don’t view it just as food. Learn about it, learn what different things your body needs, the best way to get that and experiment with recipes.

3.) Change your mindset. It is a lifestyle, NOT a diet. You aren’t eating this way short term, you are changing your life.

4.) Have mini goals. A big goal is a marathon for me. The Color Run was a mini goal on the way to my big goal.

What are your weight loss tips?
How have you lost weight?
What exercise do you love?
Do you have any smoothie recipes you think I should try?

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  1. This post came at the right time. I have switched my focus to weight loss as I am feeling good about the financial plan that I’m working. I just received my Nutribullet and have begun making green smoothies. I’m really enjoying them. I will be running my first 1/2 marathon in May. I’m over feeling bad about how I look, it’s time to dig deep! Thanks for the tips.

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