31 Days of Money

To celebrate the launch of my new book 365 Ways To Make Money for the month of July I set myself the challenge to guest post on different blogs, every day for all of July. Each post has something to do with money, whether it be ways to make money, budget or save money. There are posts aimed at families, college students and all stages of our lives so there is bound to be something for everyone.

As I was preparing this I neglected to account for the time difference between countries, so whilst the posts will start in Australian Eastern Standard Time, some of the posts as we go along will be posted in various time zones, so may not be up at the same time every day.

The first post will be up July 1 and each day a link to my guest posts will be added.

How To Save Money On Family Holidays – Be A Fun Mum

10 Ways To Make Money Work For You – Great Googa Moogas

Being Organised Saves You Money – The Organised Housewife

50 Free Or Cheap Family Activities – A Buddhaful Journey

10 Ways To Make $10 Or More This Week – Minting Nickels

52 Free Or Cheap Date Ideas – Budgeting the Fun Stuff

How To Cook And Eat Healthy On A Student Budget – Adstalker

How To Set A Budget – Mummy to Five

15 Ways To Make Money From Home – Childhood 101

Beyond Your Blog – Mummy Bloggers Blog

Being Environmentally Friendly Saves Money – Prairie Eco Thrifter

10 Ways To Make Money Online – Nellbe’s Gluten Free Kitchen

How To Change Your Attitude To Money – Organising My Crazy Life

5 Meals Under $10 – Calm Blue Ocean

Can You Do What Your Partner Does? – Stay At Home Mum

10 Easy Take To Work Lunch Ideas – Fiscally Chic

How To Work From Home With Children – Ladies Networking

50 Free Or Cheap Family Activities – And Then She Saved (these are another 50 ideas, different ones to the ones at A Buddahful Journey, so you get 100 ideas in total!)

Successful Tips For Bartering – Debt Free By 30

20 Ways To Treat Yourself for Under $1! – Seven Cherubs

Beauty On A Budget – Emma Brovary Beauty

How To Teach Your Kids About Money – Nobashake

How To Get Fit On A Budget – Running Loving Living

How To Be Frugal, Not Cheap – Debt Free Through Spending

How To Save Money On Books – Scathing Weekly

Expectation of Wealth – Tune Into Radio Carly

How To Make More Money – The Family CEO

Dressing For Success – All Yours Styling

DIY Saves Money – Jangles Quilts

Saving Money At The Check Out – Life as we know it

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