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How to make and save money with home phones, cell/mobile phones and internet

With all the different packages for phone and internet out there it can seem next to impossible trying to find the right deal for you. What is right for you might not be right for someone else but there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down your options, as well as things you can do
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Smartphones: The Future Of Credit Cards

Have you heard about the idea of combining your smartphone and credit card? As technology progresses businesses aim to make our lives easier, provide better products and make everything faster. Australia has embraced PayWave (the tap and go payment option). No need for your pin number or a signature for amounts under $100 in most cases. It took some decent
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Jiva for phone and internet – avoid like the plague!

I rarely post about products or services I don’t like. I have to have had a very bad experience to want to warn you about a company. If it is just my personal dislike, I don’t feel the need to jump on here and blast a company. However, my recent experience with Jiva is as bad as my experience with
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The iphone desire

I have written before about comparing phone deals and things. Up until recently I didn’t really need to do it for myself. I have been on a prepaid cap for some time. I had a mobile plan once with Optus and never wanted to go on a plan again. I always seemed to go over my plan and back then
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Kylie Travers - I am not what happened to me

A new beginning for me as Kylie Travers

I am no longer Kylie Ofiu. In March 2012 I separated and by June 2013 my divorce was final. In my personal life I went back to my maiden name, but in my professional life I kept my surname under advice I sought for my business. Ofiu is more recognizable, I had already been published under that name, my site,
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Secure Your Family’s Finance with These Money Smart Tips – Sponsored

There’s no doubt that our jobs aren’t as secure as they once were. With ever changing employment laws and a fragile economy, the risk of the main breadwinner in a family being made redundant is all too real. Unfortunately despite an individual’s employment status, the daily costs of living don’t go away, and neither does the school fees or the
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