I was very touched to receive an email from Lifeline Canberra informing me I am a finalist in the Women of Spirit Awards, particularly the Rising Woman of Spirit. It’s truly an honour to be nominated and having overcome mental health issues, I truly value the work Lifeline does.

For 43 years, Lifeline Canberra has provided Telephone Crisis Support (13 11 14) to the people of Canberra and the surrounding region. This service is possible due to the dedication of over 250 trained volunteers from the ACT and region who fill shifts as part of a national network to ensure the phone will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As part of an Australia wide network of Lifeline Centres, Lifeline Canberra takes calls from people who are in need of support at times of crisis. The crisis may be large or small, immediate or on-going; whatever the situation Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporters provide impartial, non-judgmental, confidential support.

In addition to the Telephone Crisis Support service, Lifeline Canberra provides a number of other mental health awareness programs to the community.

What are the Women Of Spirit Awards?

From the Lifeline website Each year, Lifeline Canberra recognises women of the ACT and region who have overcome adversity, given back to the community and become an inspiration to those around them.”

women of spirit 2014


This is the first year the Rising Woman of Spirit category has been included. It is for women who have “recently overcome personal adversity and has commenced outstanding community work which makes a difference in the community and inspires others.” (Quoted from the site).

For those of you who don’t know I have been through a fair bit the past couple of years, with some of it still not finished and court issues surrounding it as recently as early July, 2014. If you want to know more about that flick through some posts under the About Me or My Life or Homeless categories and you’ll get a small idea. I’m grateful for my life experiences because they changed me and showed me my real passion, which is doing what I can for the homeless.

If you’re in Canberra you should check out the awards. There’ll be a luncheon at The Hyatt (which I know is delightful as I had a high tea there recently) and so many amazing people helping the community will be there. You can download the booking form to purchase tickets here, which also helps the community.

What causes are close to your heart? Do you attend functions like this?


Pros and cons of commercial properties

by Kylie on July 30, 2014

Pros and cons of commercial properties

It’s no secret I love property. Part of my ‘retirement’ plan involves multiple rental properties, but not just houses or apartments, I have also looked at commercial property.

Having commercial property can be daunting. I see many empty shops, but if you have a good location and a reliable or established business, it can work very well. Knowing how much rent my bosses paid when I was an apprentice and how much similar shops in the area cost to buy outright, I was immediately drawn to the idea of owning commercial property for lease.

What are the pros and cons of commercial property?
- Long term tenants: if you have one with a well established business you are likely to have long term tenants.
- Double rental potential: some properties come with a unit above them which would enable you to rent the shop and rent the unit separately, doubling the income potential. They usually cost more, but the ones I have seen were closer to positive properties than just the shop.
- Less to fix: most commercial properties are a big empty room, often part of larger buildings with a maintenance team. It’s up to the business to fit it out how they want, leaving you in charge of the bare basics only.
- Higher rent: for the properties I have looked at, the commercial properties rented for more than the residential properties at the same purchase price.

- Vacancies: commercial properties can be harder to lease and may sit vacant for longer than a residential property. However, if you research and buy in a good area with established businesses, this is not a big issue.
- Vandalism: while this still happens in residential properties, in my personal experience, the people I know who own commercial properties have had more vandalism than those I know who own residential properties. They also own those properties in shady areas of town. Commercial property in a safe area, or office blocks would negate most of this con. Again, do your research and buy accordingly.

Like an investment, there are risks. You need to be comfortable investing in whatever you choose to invest in and I highly recommend thorough research to ensure you know about what you are investing in. I happen to love shares, property and websites. However, this doesn’t suit everyone.

Have you owned a commercial property? Would you? What do you see as pros and cons?


5 tips to save money with your car

by Kylie on July 29, 2014

This time of year sales are plentiful and most people are getting a tax return or some money from family tax benefits. Have you ever thought about putting that money towards something that could save you money all year round?

When you think about your budget and take into account the changes the government is currently trying to make, what areas are the most expensive?

For most people, there are three main areas which account for most of their expenses:
- Mortgage or rent
- Groceries (we have an ultimate guide to save money coming soon)
- Car
With the car there is insurance, maintenance, petrol etc. The expenses can add up fast, but there are some things you can do to reduce your car expenses.

1.)  Maintenance checks
Get your car serviced regularly; check the fluids such as oil, power steering, water etc and learn to do a few things yourself such as changing your wiper blades as needed instead of paying your mechanic to do it all.

2.)  Check your tyres
When you fill up with petrol, check your tyre pressure and make sure you are driving with them on the correct pressure. Regularly check tyre tread and make sure your tyres are safe. If you’re unsure, go to your nearest dealer to get some expert advice.

Good tyres can save you money. They can make the ride smoother, reduce petrol usage, have a longer product life and importantly, help to prevent accidents.

3.)  Use sales
You can often get good deals on anything car related. For example, right now Goodyear Tyres is offering 4 for the price of 3 on it’s Assurance TripleMax range. These revolutionary tyres have been developed with a special fuel saving technology which can help to save users up to $500
Buying good quality tyres on sale is a huge money saver. In my marriage we always went with the cheapest tyres. Not long after we separated I blew a tyre and my brother told me to get good tyres and explained the importance, so I did. These tyres, while initially more expensive at the point of sale but they have lasted much longer and in the long run saved me a lot of money.

4.)  Drive safely
Instead of driving aggressively, flooring it when you take off at the lights and slamming your brakes on, drive carefully and safely. The wear and tear on your car will be reduced as will your petrol bill.

5.)  Top up when it’s cheap
I know petrol is more expensive than ever but if you notice it is cheaper, top up even if you still have half a tank. Getting some cheaper petrol is still a saving.

There are loads of ways to save money on your car expenses. As I mentioned in tip 3, you can save up to $500 with Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax tyres, but how would you like to actually see that $500? Look no further, currently the tyre manufacturer is running a competition where you could win the $500 too. So, with the saving of up to $500 on your Goodyear TripleMax tyres and if you win the competition another $500 – you could be up to $1,000 better off!


What do you do to save money on you


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