Would you like to make money from home through blogging? Do you want advice from experts to help you do that?

I am fortunate to have built my blogging business to a point where I make a full time income. There are so many ways you can make money blogging both online and off, opportunities you can have and amazing people you can meet and in just a few weeks I will be sharing all the ways you can make money, plus more.

On September 13th, 2014, I will  be holding a seminar on how to make money blogging, tax and accounting advice including what you can and can’t claim, legal advice on things bloggers should be aware and insurance advice with which insurance bloggers need with my accountant, law firm and insurance broker each sharing their expertise.

I am a firm believer in creating a team to help you be successful, as well as developing a community around you. These guys are part of my team and I am very happy they are willing to come share advice to help you all make money blogging and avoid potential issues with tax, legalities and insurance.

We have swag bags, afternoon tea, lucky door prizes and of course, the presentations plus question time to help you become a better blogger.

Did you know with as little as 1,000 views a month you can be making a nice side income? As you grow your blog you could create a full time income that works with your lifestyle, giving you more time to do things you love! Blogging takes time to master and time to grow your site, but many people make their full time income online. Blogging also leads to other opportunities such as publishing books, speaking, freelance writing, social media careers and more.

Make Money Blogging is a fun afternoon to help you make money with your blog, understand legalities of blogging, tax implications such as what you can claim and what you can’t plus insurance details. Click here for tickets.

What you get…

 Advice from experts covering ways to make money blogging, legalities to consider, tax tips and insurance advice
- A bag of swag. All attendees will receive a bag with samples, coupons and more exclusive to the event.
- The chance to win some lucky door prizes
- Afternoon tea
- A chance to network with other bloggers, businesses and social media influencers in Canberra
- Feel good factor from helping a charity! All profits from this event are going to the Communities@Work Sleepout, with a goal of $5,000. The donation will be made once the event is finished.


Kylie Ofiu - Winner Best International Personal Finance Blog 2012 and 2013, full time blogger, owner of multiple blogs, CEO of Occasio Enterprises, author, writer, one of Canberra’s 101 Humans for Human Brochure and international speaker. I will be sharing ways to make money blogging both on your site and because of your site, how to create a media kit, resources for blogging and increasing your income plus tips on blogging and social media.

Paul Glass - Partner at The Firm. He has over a decade of accounting experience, specialising in taxation and business advice. Paul will share tips on what you can and can’t claim on tax, the set up of your business and managing your financials.

Snedden Hall & Gallop - Snedden Hall & Gallop has collaborate with many of Canberra’s most prominent businesses for over 50 years. Their expertise has proved valuable for both small and large businesses. They will share what legalities bloggers need to consider such as disclaimers, disclosures, how your business is set up and more.

Ben Hanson - Insurance broker with MGA. Ben has years of experience with insurance and will share what insurance bloggers need and why.

Paul Glass, Nicholas Tebbey from Snedden Hall & Gallop and Ben Hanson are the three people I use for my business and they have been fantastic. They have extensive experience, expertise and are all very friendly and approachable.

Location and other details

Make Money Blogging Seminar is being held at the Tuggeranong Community Centre, 254 Cowlishaw St, Greenway, ACT, in the Lakeview Room. The hashtag for the event will be #MMBCBR

Tickets are $50 and non refundable but you can transfer them into another name. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite here.

After the event a virtual pass will be available for purchase with proceeds going to Communities@Work.

If you have any questions email [email protected] with “MMBCBR” in the subject line, or feel free to leave a comment below.


If you have a business that you would like to get in front of over 100 social media savvy people in Canberra, we are seeking sponsors for the event to help make it amazing! Email us for more information at [email protected] placing “sponsorship” in the subject line.

It is a fundraiser, so all profits are going to help the homeless in Canberra. Check out the video below for more info on Communities@Work (especially 0:06seconds, where I am), and information on homelessness in Canberra. I’m participating in the sleepout and it’d be great to have more people sign up to raise funds. And for those who don’t know, I’m passionate about helping the homeless because I was homeless.


Youth Off The Streets

by Kylie on August 15, 2014

Youth Off The Streets #laceitup
I usually wear heels, but on the odd occasion I wear sneakers, these are the ones I sport with my new laces.

In Australia nearly 50% of the the homeless are under 25 years old, over 47,000 people. I have friends who were homeless youth, mainly due to violence in the home. They have gone on to achieve great things, but still have nightmares from their past. The things they suffered on the streets are horrific.

What if you could make a difference simply by purchasing something we all use? Youth Off The Streets has a great fundraising incentive happening where you can buy laces for $5. Imagine, if even 10,000 people bought them, that is $50,000 to help homeless youth!

Not only that, but the cute blue shoelaces are a great way to get people talking about homelessness. That is one thing I have noticed a lot since doing more with the homeless, just how many people don’t realise there is a real homeless issue in Australia.

I live in Canberra which has the second highest rate of homelessness in the country yet the amount of people here who are genuinely shocked by that astounds me. Homelessness is not always in your face. The average homeless person is not a old man in rags laying on a park bench. It is youth and domestic violence victims.

Think about it, that $5 coffee you bought this week could instead go to shoelaces and help homeless youth.

What do you think of ideas like shoelaces to raise funds? Will you wear them?


How to have a last minute budget friendly holiday #travel #frugal

Last week I went to Queensland. It was a spontaneous decision. I posted on my personal Facebook profile that we wanted a holiday, preferably somewhere like Queensland, close to the beach etc. Next thing I knew, thanks to my family, friends and the community I have created for myself, I had a holiday booked.

One of my friends commented where she lived and we could come stay with her. We used to live together years ago. My sister told me Jetstar had a sale and next minute, I was booked to go to Queensland.

Interesting thing about travelling from Canberra, if you fly out of here it is usually way more expensive than driving to Sydney and flying from there. To give you an idea, a family of 4 would have cost $1,700 to fly Canberra to the Sunshine Coast vs driving to Sydney, leaving car parked in a secure parking lot and flying from there for $650 total (flights, petrol, parking etc).

I know many people who have driven to Sydney and flown from there instead of here or they’ve caught a bus up to Sydney and flown out. Either way, flying out of Canberra is not cheap, but if you are single or a couple, flying out of Canberra is probably better than driving up.

How can you have a budget friendly last minute holiday?
1.) Be flexible. I didn’t mind where we went, I just wanted to go somewhere. Being flexible on destination and time means you can snag some great deals.

2.) Sign up for specials. You can create a folder in your email to have these specials filtered into. Get to know the times big sales happen and be ready.

3.) Clear your browsing history. Every time you look up flights and things, you are being watched and each time you do it the price is likely to go up because your interest level is obviously highly. Clear your history and you will usually get a cheaper price.

4.) Always be ready. Have a holiday fund you can use or plan a work bonus, tax return or other extra money to go towards a holiday. Have your passports good to go and learn to pack what you need in a carryon to reduce expenses and make getting through airports much easier.

5.) Compare transport options. Flying isn’t always faster or cheaper. Look into buses (many have free wifi now), trains, public transport, car pooling and so on.

6.) Let people know what you want. My holiday was organized very cheap through social media by letting people know what I wanted.

7.) Book online. Most attractions and venues have a discount for booking online. Search for discount coupons for the places you want to go.

8.) Be aware of extra fees. Most cheap deals are completely inflexible and if you have to change your plans for any reason, you will lose a lot of money. I had to change my flight and the first call to Jetstar, the customer service was brilliant and it was all sorted for me. There is a price difference between online and on the phone if you have to change your flights. Online is usually cheaper, but I had a few other things I needed so called.

9.) Ask for a discount. In some cultures it is expected you will ask for a discount. You might get rejected, but then you might be directed to a way you can get a discount or told about other options for next time.

10.) Think outside the box. Stay with family and friends, couch surf, go camping or use other online methods for accommodation. Check out some of the local attractions, not necessarily the big tourist traps. If travelling with your kids, ask what they want. I was willing to take my kids to a theme park or two but all they wanted was the beach, the Big Pineapple and Australia Zoo (when I told them about it.) They just enjoyed being somewhere different, playing with new friends and having new experiences. They didn’t want the theme parks in the end.

How often do you go on holidays? Where would you like to travel to and how do you save money?


Blog advertising, giveaways and more – Occasio Enterprises

August 4, 2014

  I have been blogging for a few years now, worked with various advertisers/brands, done giveaways and now have a few sites. It has been great, but I am making some changes. A few months ago I changed everything I do, redid my business plan and established a company – *Occasio Enterprises Pty Ltd, which […]

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Women of Spirit Awards by Lifeline Canberra

July 31, 2014

I was very touched to receive an email from Lifeline Canberra informing me I am a finalist in the Women of Spirit Awards, particularly the Rising Woman of Spirit. It’s truly an honour to be nominated and having overcome mental health issues, I truly value the work Lifeline does. For 43 years, Lifeline Canberra has provided […]

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Pros and cons of commercial properties

July 30, 2014

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