3 Ways to Stop the Winter Flu Infecting Your Office

Flu season is approaching, and your office can be a hotbed for viruses and bacteria to settle in and multiply. Once someone in the office catches a bug, it is likely that it will spread through the office. To prevent winter bugs, especially virulent flus, from infecting and spreading through your office space, read these three handy tips. Proper Hygiene
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Hidden Renovation Costs

Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for several years, embarking on a renovation mission will transform your life. You’ll learn more about DIY than ever before, understand how to work with professionals and discover that the road to renovation success can be bumpy. While the results can certainly be worthwhile, there are unexpected costs
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Kylie Travers - I am not what happened to me

A new beginning for me as Kylie Travers

I am no longer Kylie Ofiu. In March 2012 I separated and by June 2013 my divorce was final. In my personal life I went back to my maiden name, but in my professional life I kept my surname under advice I sought for my business. Ofiu is more recognizable, I had already been published under that name, my site,
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Fair Go board game

Fair Go – a game to teach your children about finances!

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet here. I am working on a few things, but also took some time for myself and to spend more one on one time with my daughters. Each week my daughters have a night they get to spend with me on their own, when my other daughter is in bed. They
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A year in review – taking control, new experiences and human brochure

This year I decided to take an active role in my life to learn more about myself, what I want, meet new people and experience Canberra more. I established my company properly after being a sole trader for a few years, I bought two new sites, expanded my business drastically, learnt a lot about my personal beliefs, standing up for
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Continuing on from a no spend challenge #NoSpendver

Today is my last day of NoSpendver but just because my no spend challenge is officially over, doesn’t mean we need to rush out and buy a bunch of stuff or revert to our old ways of spending. Hopefully over the last month you have taken a look at various areas of your life and seen where you can make
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