I regularly set goals and challenges for myself. My biggest one at the moment is my money making challenge which is all about doubling your money over and over. You can read more about it here and all my posts on it can be found here.

Some of my previous challenges have been:

No spend just sell challenge – where I aimed to use up everything I had, made a dress for a formal wedding and tried to sell off everything I could.

$100 Christmas which was inspired by Penny from The Saved Quarter. I managed to do really well, keep Christmas within a budget and have fun doing it.

Sell 1000 Things – If they all sold for at least $1, that is $1,000. I have now completed this challenge and made a few thousand dollars.

31 Days Of Money  was a blog tour I did when I launched this blog. I posted an article about money on a different blog every day for the month of July 2011, the month my book 365 Ways To Make Money came out and the month this site was officially launched.

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