My Books

Kylie has published 2 books and 1 ebook so far. In addition to this she is passionately working on her third and fourth books.

The first is a self published cook book – 26 Ingredients. 

26 Ingredients was born from a love of cooking and a lack of cash flow. It is now an eBook which you can find here.


The second was published through Wright Books – 365 Ways To Make Money.

The idea for this book came from a post she wrote detailing 1001 Ways To Make Money. Publishing a book with over a thousand ways to make money would be a very large, heavy and expensive book. With this in mind, Kylie shortlisted her best methods and compiled them to create a book to help you each and every day of the year.

Blog to Book is Kylie’s ebook that discusses how she successfully made the leap from blog owner to book author. You can obtain a copy here to help you step out beyond your blog.

Kylie has no intention on slowing down her book writing anytime soon. She is currently researching and developing two very exciting books that will help many people overcome financial difficulties as well as teaching good money handling habits for both young and old. Check back often to be one of the first to experience her new works.

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