26 Ingredients


26 Ingredients is a budget cooking cook book which contains a total of 26 ingredients only. It has over 100 recipes from gourmet breakfasts to delicious desserts and everything in between.

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Want to know more about the book?
Saving money shouldn’t mean sacrificing choice or variety when it comes to cooking for a family. 26 Ingredients was written to help you spend less on your groceries and minimise food wastage.

All the recipes in this book are based around the same simple ingredients, so you will be able to plan your meals and menus with minimal effort and outlay.

From gourmet breakfasts to delicious desserts: snacks and appetisers or refreshing drinks: it’s all here, with easy to follow recipes!

Not only does it base all the recipes around the same ingredients to make menu planning easier, it also has a whole section on what to do with left overs to make a new meal to stop food and money wastage.

What sort of recipes?

Base recipes such as pastry, pasta, white sauce, bread, pies (apple, meat and chicken), frittata’s, breakfasts such as crepes, scrambled eggs, French toast. Vegetarian dishes such as zucchini bake, fun recipes like pizza, mince recipes such as lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise and meatloaf. Chicken recipes from roast chicken through to quiche, pasta bake and lasagne. Desserts like chocolate self saucing pudding, lemon meringue pie, choc caramel coconut tart, lemon tart and don’t forget all the biscuits, cakes, muffin and slice recipes.

There is something for everyone.

(Cheesey Pull A Part, Calzone, My Best Ever Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cordial)

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What are the 26 Ingredients?

Milk Powder
Plain Flour
Self-Raising Flour
Tinned Tomatoes
Tomato Paste

(Chicken Schnitzel with steamed vegetables and potato nest; crepes; lemon meringue pie)

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But what’s really in the book?

What sections, what sort of recipes and how is it laid out?

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 4
List of Ingredients 6
Hints and Tips 7
Breads, Pastry and more 11
Drinks and Sauces 18
Breakfasts 26
Soups, Snacks and Starters 35
Vegetable Dishes 41
Chicken 47
Mince 58
Desserts 65
Biscuits, Cakes and Slices 75
Leftover Ideas 86
Index 89
Conversions 93


There is so much information as well as recipes in here that you are bound to find something to help you save money. Just click on a buy it now symbol to get your copy today.

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