365 Ways To Make Money

365 Ways To Make Money is more than just a bunch of ideas on ways to make money. It covers everything your need to know from getting started to advertising and promoting yourself for free, finding free or cheap childcare and more. All the ideas have an outline on how to do it and over 100 of the ideas can be done from home. Many of the ideas can be done at the same time as each other, without much effort, making them easy on the side incomes. It is available in bookstores across Australia or he eBook version can be bought in the Amazon Kindle store, click here for it, or from iTunes. It has a range of ideas for different ways to make money, many which can be done from home. You can choose one idea or combine a few to create multiple income streams. There is more to it than just the ideas. Kylie shows you how to get started with your idea, how to advertise for free or cheap, solutions to excuses such as childcare and staying motivated. It covers everything you need to start making money now.

365 Ways To Make Money has something for everyone including things kids can do. There is an easy to use symbol guide to help you know at a glance which ideas are best for you.

Each idea is explained and has some tips on getting started.

The book also contains ideas on child minding solutions, where to go to get help, free and cheap advertising plus much more.

To read reviews on 365 Ways To Make Money click here to go to the page I created listing them. I will add more as they happen. Also you can check out some testimonials here from people who action ideas from the book.
Alternatively if you would like an eBook version you can buy it now 365 Ways to Make Money: Ideas for Quick $ Every Day of the Year.

Want to know a bit more?
You can read an excerpt of the book “Getting Started On Your Money Making Idea

The Table of Contents

About the author v

How to use this book vii

Getting started ix

Five things you need to become a millionaire xii

Part I Make money from home 1

Part II Make money from you 77

Part III Make money seasonally 91

Part IV Make money with animals 105

Part V Make money with cars 123

Part VI Make money with domestic ideas 139

Part VII Make money from your knowledge 177

Part VIII Make money with beauty 211

Part IX Make money with weddings 235

Marketing for free (and cheaply) 251

Solutions to excuses 256

A final word 266

The 365 ways to make money 267


As you can see it is so much more than just a list of ideas.