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Have you ever wanted to go from blog to book and become a published author? Kylie did it and many more bloggers are doing it now too. Bloggers have a great platform through which to promote a book and publishers love that.

Kylie speaks at different conferences on how she progressed from blog to book quite regularly. If you are a blogger and want to take things to the next level and become an author, then this is the eBook you need.


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In Kylie’s speaking events she covers everything about the process from getting your blog ready and pitching your book, right through to the contract process and marketing it once it is published. She also touches on mainstream publishing vs self publishing.

Blog to Book has everything you need to know about going from blog to book. Her book, 365 Ways To Make Money, came from her blog and there are many more bloggers who are turning posts they have written into published works and becoming authors themselves.

Blogs are a fantastic platform to launch a book with and publishers are aware of this. You have an audience and readership already. You are on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, actively engaging with people and you have a following and a connection with the people who follow you. This makes marketing a book so much easier and rewarding.

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So what is in Blog to Book that you can’t get elsewhere? Aside from personal experience and advice, Kylie highlights resources such as the publishers who are working with bloggers now and explains clearly what it is that you need to do.

Here are the contents outlined for you.

Getting started (getting your blog ready)
Starting the book
Pitching your book
Handling the contract
Royalties and advances
Who you will work with
– What you can do
– What your publicist will do
Mainstream vs Self Publishing
Different ways to self publish and their pros and cons
Things to consider (distributor, getting it into book stores, printing)
Extra resources
– contact details for some publishers
– recommended eBooks to help your blog and for marketing
As you can see, Blog To Book covers everything and is the tool you need to help you get a book contract and go from blog to book.

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RRP $14.95

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