Motivation wall, vision board and organization tips

My bucket list

What are your values?

How to achieve your goals

Choosing the positive in a negative situation

Start and change your life!

5 tips to help you balance your life

How to create a vision board It’s not just a matter of sticking a bunch of pictures on a pieces of paper.

5 Things you need to become a millionaire

How to stay motivated

Finding more time We all wish we had more of it, but you may be surprised at the ways you could change a few habits and have much more time.

10 Ways to motivate yourself

20 Ways to build self confidence

How to set goals There’s more to it than just wishing to achieve something. they need to be S.M.A.R.T

How to prioritize your life

Realizing your worth

How to reach your full potential

Seeing positives in life’s changes It’s not always easy, but it helps a lot

7 Tips for managing your time better

50 Questions to free your mind

How to make decisions Not everyone is decisive, but here are a few things you can do to help yourself

The law of attraction and how it has worked for me (It’s not just a matter of believing something will happen, you need to work for it too!)

7 Reasons I won’t be watching TV anymore Seriously, she doesn’t watch it and her life is so much better for it!

How to stay focused on your goals It is easy to lost sight of them or get distracted. This post gives some tips to help you stay on track

10 Tips to help you do everything If you have trouble juggling the things you need to do this post will help

Prioritizing It’s easier said than done, so here’s some advice.

Tips on de-cluttering

Recognizing achievements It is easier to look at all the things we haven’t done or we want to do, but have you ever written a list of things you have achieved?

Ways To Save Time

Vision Boards  A little recap on the vision boards she created a while ago and what she has achieved, and how she feels about what is on there now

Good Better Best When prioritizing or deciding on what to do, whilst some things might be good, others are better, but are they the best to help you achieve your goals?

Your success is your choice

When things don’t go as planned Her life has been a bit all over the place with job loss and other things, but here’s how you can just roll with whatever life throws you.

What are you really working for? Have you ever thought about why you are working? Recent events in her life forced Kylie to re-evaluate.

Coping with job loss What actions Kylie took to deal with her (now ex) husband’s job loss

Do I still believe my millionaire goal is possible?

Our job loss plan of attack

How to change your mindset Having a “poor woe is me” mentality is a sure fire way to stay poor. You need to have a wealthy mindset if you are truly going to change your life


Wants vs Needs

Are you prepared? Do you have a will and power of attorney organized? This post covers things you should have in case you die or are injured.

Commercialism How much there is and how she doesn’t want to live that way

What made me think I could write a book? Why you can do it too and what helped Kylie

Thinking BIG You have to think big to reach big goals.

Keeping a time diary can help you see where you are ‘losing’ or wasting time

Storage for small spaces Kylie has lived in 1 and 2 bedroom units with her (now ex) husband and 2 daughters. These are some of her space saving tips.

2011 – 2012 Financial year goals

My million dollar plan

Can you provide? All about getting an education

Believe in yourself

Think like a millionaire A real one, not someone who splashes their cash around.

Revisiting my vision board

Look for the silver lining It might be hard and you might not see it right away, but Kylie found one that surprised me recently

Some of my favourite quotes

Create your own luck It’s more than just luck, look for opportunities.

Are you living to work or working to live? Neither is really an ideal scenario.

7 Ways to help your business

Switching off mentally Sometimes you need to do this, just to get better rest and refocus

If I met my younger self…