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For all posts under the category “Save Money” click here. Below I have added some specific links I think will help you.

To get you started I went through ever aspect of our budget over the month of February and each day posted ways you can make and save money for different areas. All those posts can be found here.

Low fat, low carb ways to reduce your groceries

Spend money to save money

Do whatever you want money tin

Birthday freebies

Frugal kids birthday party and Princesses and Pirates party for under $50

Are you missing out on discounts?

How to keep warm in winter for free

Frugal living

Money back guarantee, do you use them?

Clothing challenge

Make your own laundry powder

How to make your finances easier

13 Ways to save on electricity

10 free and cheap ways to keep cool this summer

No spend January

Lose weight for free

How much do you really want it?

How and why to avoid interest free

No spending advice from a teenager

Solutions for free childcare

Kids parties is $1,500 normal?


Working out your real wage

Frugal Beauty

Frugal Beauty part 2


Getting a better deal

Coping With Job Loss

How much is your spare room costing you?

Saving Advice From Readers

11 Tips To Stop Spending

6 Savings Plans You Can Do

Protect Your Identity

Debt Reduction Tips

5 Tips To Keep Your Tax Organized

10 Easy Ways To Save Money

Small changes = BIG results

Menu Planning

Gifts To Make

Gifts To Make For Guys

Family Holidays – Encourange kids to contribute

How To Stop Spending

4 things to do before a large purchase

Being lazy gets expensive

4 Things that cost me dearly

The real cost of ‘stuff’

Keeping up with the Joneses

DIY sauces and seasonings

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